What every web site and host needs to know about the DMCA

POSTED BY on Jun 13 under Hosting

Daniel over at DailyBlogTips is getting ripped off. Web sites are stealing his content and trying to pass it off as their own and worse, the clueless host involved (EliteHost.net, which I will not dignify with a link) doesn’t seem to realize that not only is the webmaster thief liable but the host is as […]

Need a PHP Template Engine – Use SMARTY

POSTED BY on Jun 12 under PHP

If you need a PHP Template Engine then please, use SMARTY. FastTemplate was good when I first wrote it (not great though, since there are at least two places in the code where I’m wasting huge numbers of cycles) but Smarty is a lot… smarter. More importantly it’s updated fairly often. Due to the dreaded […]

PHP Classes available again

POSTED BY on Jun 11 under PHP

All the old PHP stuff is available again. Have fun. AccessDBM-1_1.tar.gz ConfigReader-1_3.tar.gz FastTemplate-1_1_0.tar.gz File-1_0.tar.gz Htgroup-0_4.tar.gz Htpasswd-0_9.tar.gz Logger-1_0.tar.gz PHP-RSS-0.91.tar.gz POP3-1_0.tar.gz Validator-1_2.tar.gz

FastTemplate 1.1.0

POSTED BY on Jun 6 under PHP

The venerable FastTemplate, which is now wildly out-of-date and as I look at it in desperate need of some optimizations. Isn’t that always the case though? Step away from some code long enough and when you look at it later you think to yourself… “what was I thinking?” Still, since some still look for it, […]

Wow, an update

POSTED BY on Jun 5 under Uncategorized

Hey it’s only been 7 years. :p I blew away the old site but I’ll be putting the PHP  back up shortly, since for some reason some people still want that old old code.

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