Need a PHP Template Engine – Use SMARTY

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If you need a PHP Template Engine then please, use SMARTY. FastTemplate was good when I first wrote it (not great though, since there are at least two places in the code where I’m wasting huge numbers of cycles) but Smarty is a lot… smarter. More importantly it’s updated fairly often.

Due to the dreaded “Work” tag I haven’t been able to update FastTemplate since 1.1, and I’m not going to. The problem isn’t that I don’t have free time to write code, I do. The problem is I’m a professional developer (among my many hats). When I first started tossing my PHP code out for everyone to use I got into huge amounts of trouble with my employer at the time, as technically they could have laid claim to my work despite the fact that I didn’t write any of it on company time or equipment. I was publishing and writing as “CDI” at the time so they didn’t find out right away (took almost a year in fact) and by then the code was already out. So instead of getting into a big knock-down drag-out over the issue we all just agreed that I wouldn’t make any more code for public consumption. I could write for my own personal projects of course, but nothing open source.

That was years ago and I’ve changed employers since then but my job description is pretty much the same so rather than tempt fate with the new employer, the status quo will be maintained. Besides, the code hasn’t been updated in -so- long and there are so many better alternatives now that it’d be silly for me to even try. Use Smarty to handle your template needs or, if you really like TONS of bloat you can use PEAR instead.

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