An Open Letter to Alan Sullivan, CEO Paxfire Inc

POSTED BY on Aug 12 under Security

Dear Mr Sullivan,

I read with interest your recent press release wherein you attempt to refute the claims against Paxfire in a lawsuit.  I was most interested to read the second major claim you are attempting to defend:

Second, Paxfire does not hijack searches or “impersonate search engines.”

Paxfire appliances certainly do impersonate search engines, as I detailed 3 years ago.  The good news is I’m a Pack Rat and worse, a System Administrator – which means I have backups of backups kicking around here.  That almost certainly means I still have the original screenshots and tcpdumps used to compose that article.

This will, I think, torpedo your attempt to claim the lawsuit is without merit and lacks a foundation for their allegations?

I think I’ll send my information to them – let’s find out together shall we?


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