Paxfire is dead. Good riddance.

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Even better, the founder of the company is crying about how terribly unfair the world is. I’d like to collect his tears and enjoy them later, like a fine wine. You can read the lamentations of their women over at Enjoy!

How Paxfire Stole – Repost

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I rescued the original Google Knol article from the dustbin of backups and have re-posted it. See the link in the Open Letter article.

An Open Letter to Alan Sullivan, CEO Paxfire Inc

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Dear Mr Sullivan, I read with interest your recent press release wherein you attempt to refute the claims against Paxfire in a lawsuit.  I was most interested to read the second major claim you are attempting to defend: Second, Paxfire does not hijack searches or “impersonate search engines.” Paxfire appliances certainly do impersonate search engines, […]

Paxfire stole

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Seriously. Stolen… or at least, that’s certainly what it looks like if you’re unfortunate enough to be stuck using a Paxfire DNS appliance like the two I found a few weeks ago. I just finished my first Google Knol: DNS Squatting In a nutshell, Paxfire DNS appliances pretend to be ‘’. They aren’t pretending to […]

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